See Our Happy Puppies

Valness Yorkies LLC puppies learn by playing.

Valness Yorkies LLC puppies engage in socialization and desensitization everyday in their living area which is also a playarea.  Valness Yorkies owners take pride in preparing puppies by:

  • Socialized with other animals
    • Socialized with adult dogs
    • Socialized with other dogs

  • Car rides
    • Socialized in new places
    • Socialized with other dogs

  • Daily handling
    • Introduced to people of different ages and appearances
    • Socialize with elderly
    • Socialized with children

  • Desensitization
    • Scent introduction
    • Surface & tactile stimulation
    • Various sounds & Sound stimulation
    • Household items desensitization
    • Touch desensitization
    • Grooming desensitization

  • Early neurological stimulation
  • Toys, e.g. ball
  • Structures, e.g. climbing
  • Chew, e.g. bone

Sounds, smells, equipment, household items and toys build confidence as a well-rounded, healthy, confident, loveable puppy to provide you with years and years of companionship.

Videos of Our Puppies Playing!

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